It’s an ordinary day, yet I have learnt some big idea, I paid a visit to my lecturer’s house. And I am glad I joined, I forgot how much I love to join his class when I was in semester 1, he always have big idea to teach us and to share, even its out from design.

One big thing that he taught me today is that, positive energy. What we Chinese did for centuries and ages, during Chinese New Year, we hang red lantern, saying something wishful, that is an positive energy flowing in this area.


I have learned that no matter what, spreading a positive energy is important. We live in a world full of discouragement, negativity, from the news, from what happened around us, disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I got all these frequent. However, I refuse to let them demolish me, as a person, I realise how important to stand up and fight against all these negativities.

Ever wonder why we blow candles after we make our birthday wishes?

blowing-out-candles-profile.png It says that blowing candles after wishing, the smoke that remained after you blow, it passed the message that you wish to the sky (to God) while it flow up to the air, well don’t get me wrong, I still believe in prayer, but I find this fascinating, it spread a message of belief in people, it works just like a Kong Ming lantern.



I got 2 break up news today, from 2 very different couples. 1, not a serious relationship, another couple url.jpgwith deep hurt, I really wish I could help the second one while he was still hurting. Surely relationship break down is no joke, it takes time to heal, the wound, the pain. However, believe that things that happened in the past, it doesn’t break us, it makes us who we are. I have a lot of thoughts today, I finally reminded myself to be the light to the people around me, the beacon of hope, be the Sam that I always be, out of my expectation, I inspire some people (not a big inspiration but I can see the changes in their lives because of me). And I don’t get all the credits of course, God helps me a lot. Really a lot.

I really wish I can continue to be the light and help people around me, also help myself, for I know the future wouldn’t be simple, I will fall into a valley of sadness, disappointment, and so on with a lot of negativity. I just hope the positive energy I instil around, it will come back to me and be my motivation.